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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Learned the Name of the Song

It is indeed the moment all of you, my countless followers, have been waiting for - I'm semi-officially bringing the weblog out of semi-unofficial retirement! And what could prompt me to do such a thing? That's a very good question; I'm glad I asked.

Well, as it so happened, I was driving the other day and happened to have the radio on when I caught a song playing that I have long enjoyed, but had never been able to identify. I knew enough about the song by listening to it that Lionel Richie was the singer and that it was likely a Commodores song, but I never paid close enough attention to the lyrics, or remembered them long enough to get to a computer to run a search.

On this occasion, however, I was ready. Once I heard the song playing, I listened very closely. And then when I identified a passage in the song, I pulled over to the side of the street, turned my emergency lights on, took out my phone, and ran a search right then and there. (And yes, all of this did actually happen.)

And what was the result? Well, I'm not going to tell you what the song was, but I will post a link to the video right here, so that you can enjoy it as well. I'll be back sometime within the next day or so with an analysis of the song/video explaining why the song and video have both jumped to legendary status in my mind. Until then, I suggest that you watch the video constantly because this is a great song and a great video.

(Going one step further, if I was ever to start the habit of frequenting stupid karaoke events and I needed my own sort of signature karaoke song, this would be it.)