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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The (We)Blog is Back!

Just as the title to this entry indicates, the (we)blog is indeed back. I decided to boycott the month of April for some (at this point) unspecified reason, and who knows, I might just make this April boycott an annual event. And why did I choose to boycott April (you might ask)? Well, as I have already pointed out, the reason is unspecified. Perhaps one day I will go into detail about why I chose to do so.

With that covered, some of you may be wondering why I waited so long into May to publish this first post. I will answer that wonderment by saying stop riding me and stay out of my office. Besides, if I had published this on May 1 for example, there may have been somewhere else on the planet where it was still April 30, and don't forget that April 30 still occurred during my April Boycott. (Yes, it has risen to the level where I am giving it a proper noun.)

And so what can you expect from this (we)blog going forward? Can you expect a new and improved quality of rambling? Do you think that I'm still at the top of my game? Well let me answer those questions sequentially: the same sort of crap you saw before, I would say to expect the same quality of rambling crap that you saw before, and I would say that if you liked the crap I wrote before (or if you hated the crap that I wrote before) then you certainly should like (hate) the crap that I write from here on out (except that I will not be writing during the April Boycott).

Now there you have it, leave me alone, and B, stay out of my office.

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Debbie said...

jeez, this blog was a bit testy...was April your PMS month?