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Friday, August 1, 2008

Late Night Pizza

In the wee hours of a Friday morning, Cabral decides that it is a good idea to drive two girls who he has never met before to wherever it is they have to go after witnessing the dude that was supposed to take them there storm off angrily and after seeing the girls eat pizza that had fallen on the ground.

Someone, let's just say it was Heebs, decides to call the Wonder Twins...

Meanwhile, miles away at Chuck E. Cheese's, the Wonder Twins are engaged in a spirited game of skee ball...

Zan: "Watch this, Wonder Sis, I'm totally about to sink this ball in the fifty!"
Jayna: "The only way you'll sink it in the fifty is if you are really very nifty!"

Moments later, an alarm goes off...

Zan: "Jupiters! It's the Teen Trouble Alert!"
Heebs (through the TTA speaker): "Wonder Twins! I just saw Cabral walk off to drive two girls who may be drunk and just ate pizza that fell on the ground!"
Jayna: "Oh no! We'd better get over there right now!"
Jayna and Zan: "Wonder Twin p-"
Heebs: "Wait, where are you right now?"
Zan: "We're at Chuck E. Cheese's."
Heebs: "Why? It's like 2:30 in the morning. Isn't that place closed?"
Jayna: "Yes, but Gleek wanted to play Whac-A-Mole and Chuck E. Cheese's won't let us in with monkeys when there are children around anymore. The last time we brought him here when kids were here, he bit a kid and gave him rabies."
Heebs: "So you broke into Chuck E. Cheese's."
Jayna: "We'd better go help Cabral!"
Jayna and Zan: "Wonder Twin powers activate!"
Jayna: "Shape of an eagle!"
Zan: "Form of water!"

And so Jayna flies off holding Gleek who carries Zan in a bucket.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, Cabral brings his car to a stop in an empty parking lot.

Girl #1 (in the passenger seat): "I think that she is totally about to puke back there."
Cabral: "That would totally suck since you've already dropped my pizza on the ground."

Just then the Wonder Twins (and Gleek) arrive.

Jayna and Zan: "Wonder Twin powers deactivate!"
Zan: "What seems to be the problem kids?"
Cabral: "I'm not really a kid anymore, but why are you guys still answering the Teen Trouble Alert? Aren't you like forty-five years old or so by now?"
Girl #1: "Girl #2 ate some pizza off the ground and now she's in the back of the car about to puke!"
Jayna: "This calls for some Wonder Twin power, Wonder Brother!"
Jayna and Zan: "Wonder Twin powers activate!"
Jayna: "Shape of a -"
Cabral: "Sponge!"
Zan: "Form of -"
Cabral: "Water!"

Thinking quickly, Cabral tossed sponge-Jayna into Gleek's bucket containing water-Zan. Cabral then forced the monkey to clean up the puke in his car using Jayna and Zan. After Gleek had finished cleaning the puke out of Cabral's car, the Wonder Twins had reverted back to their alien forms.

Cabral: "Thanks Wonder Twins! I would have been in trouble if you hadn't showed up."
Girl #1: "Yeah, thanks Wonder Twins! If you hadn't showed up I would have had to clean up the puke or Girl #2 would have still been lying facedown in the puke because I don't think Cabral was going to clean it up."
Cabral: "You're right Girl #1!"
Jayna: "Remember kids, don't talk to strangers."
Zan: "Yeah kids, and never eat pizza that has fallen on the ground."
Gleek: "Glck, glglglglck, glglck!"
Zan: "What is it Gleek?"
Jayna: "I think that Gleek wants to eat the puke that's stuck in your hair, Wonder Brother!"
Zan: "That's great Wonder Sis! Maybe afterwards he'll eat the puke that's stuck in your hair!"
Cabral: "Thanks again Wonder Twins!"

Cabral drives off leaving Girls #1 and #2 with the Wonder Twins as Gleek, having finished eating the puke out of Zan's hair moves on to eat the puke out of Jayna's hair.