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Sunday, February 26, 2012

NBA All-Star Watching

Yes, I am watching the NBA All-Star Game, and I found the need to finally write something down as I have been sitting here.  The first half was entertaining as always as the players showed no hint of wanting to play any defense.  The West led big even early on, even though I think that the East probably has a better starting five.  But since the West, in terms of depth, probably has the better team, it was only a matter of time before they jumped ahead.

But this is standard NBA All-Star Game procedure - no defense, a lot of dunks, many, many alley-oop attempts, both successful and unsuccessful.  So why have I decided to write this now when I have been basically watching the same sort of all-star type game as ever?  Well, a few minutes ago, Kobe Bryant took the ball in the post being guarded by Dwyane Wade, he (Bryant) spun toward the baseline, headed for your typical All-Star Uncontested Dunk, but apparently Wade decided he was having no part of it.  And by having no part of it, I mean Wade seemed willing to take Bryant's head off to prevent him from going to the rim.  Okay, this is a slight exaggeration as I don't think that Wade was really trying to take Bryant's head off, but he did bloody Bryant's nose, and the announcers did point out as Bryant was preparing to attempt his first free throw as a result of the foul that Wade had apparently yet to apologize.  Ah, good times watching the All-Star Game.

Other favorite moments of mine as we near the end of the third quarter are every single three point attempt by Dwight Howard (he should keep doing this until Orlando wants to trade him away, even once the real basketball games start up again), Chris Bosh banking in an awful looking three point attempt, and then of course the fact that Russell Westbrook seems hesitant to want to pass the ball even in the All-Star Game.  I love it.

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