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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

American Idol Update for January 24, 2007

I figured that it is only right that I provide you with an American Idol update as often as I can. But since of course I would never be bothered to actually watch this program since I really don't believe any of the contestants have any real talent, I can only update you on what I was doing when American Idol was on.

Again, obviously I was not watching American Idol, but as I view myself to be a person who cares about all the poor creatures out there in the world, I was (as I usually am) thinking about ways that I could help protect some of those creatures yesterday. It so happened that it rained fairly heavily in the Houston area last evening. And when I saw and heard this rain, I immediately thought about the poor stray cats out there and how cats hate water. Now it wouldn't do to just let these poor defenseless animals get all wet in the rain so I thought about going outside and breaking some car windows so that the stray cats would have a warm, dry place to sleep. But I also realized that the cats would probably need something to munch on so that they would not go hungry while sheltering from the rain. And so I thought to myself, what do stray cats love best? Food from trash receptacles. So I thought that it would be best to rummage through the trash and retrieve some choice bags that the stray cats would enjoy, and toss them into the cars through the broken windows.

I was all set to put my plan into action when I realized that in order to do this, I would have to walk outside into the cold rain and I would have to rummage through trash. Neither of these things are among my favorite things to do. So instead I stayed inside and watched Bambi.

This has been your American Idol update for January 24, 2007 (that is, for the January 23 episode).


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