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For those of you who by some extremely unlikely set of circumstances happened to stumble upon this page, I apologize to you. For those of you who intentionally came to this page - yikes! As the title of the weblog indicates, these are my Ramblings About Whatever. There is a chance that I will ramble about just about anything (as I am in this introduction), but only a select few topics will actually make this site. Enjoy! (I guess...)

Monday, January 22, 2007

Beginning: What to Expect

"What can I expect from this?" You might be asking yourself this question. Those who are not unfamiliar with me should have at least some idea of things to come. However, I will endeavor as I have in the past to try to surprise. For those of you who have nothing better going on in your lives and have arbitrarily stumbled upon this weblog written by someone who likewise clearly has nothing better going on in his life (and that would be me), I say, welcome aboard. That is, welcome aboard for however long you feel you can take this ride without feeling the inexorable need to abandon ship.

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