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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Cabral Book Club: The Mitchell Report

Aaaaaaaaaaand finished! I just got done reading the Mitchell Report, and what is my take on it? It is 409 pages of outstandingness! And my favorite part about the Mitchell Report? Oh, I would say it has to be the part about trainer Brian McNamee injecting Roger Clemens in the buttocks with steroids. Just when I thought my favorite Roger Clemens story of all time was when he had to miss some time pitching last season because of a "fatigued right groin," the Mitchell Report about him being injected in the buttocks with steroids comes along.

Now did Roger Clemens actually use steroids? Few people know for certain. I, for one, believe that he did and am enjoying the roasting that he is taking right now. I think he is every bit as big a jerk as people have always said that Barry Bonds is, and it is high quality entertainment watching Clemens prove this with his current actions. I know that Clemens had his little press conference where he proclaimed his innocence, he also had his interview with Mike Wallace where he did the same, but did these two instances seem remotely believable? If you are a Yankees fan, yes. If you are some misguided, delusional, Clemens devotee, yes. Otherwise, probably not.

But of course, I'm a little biased. I'm a Mets fan after all and I still remember Clemens beaning Mike Piazza in the head with a fastball in 2000 and then throwing Piazza's broken off bat in Piazza's general direction during the World Series that year. That couldn't have been roid rage, could it? Nah, because Clemens thought it was the ball... And what does a pitcher do with a ball that has grounded back to him? Well, he throws it in the general direction of the batter that has just hit it, silly! For those who said that he throws it to first base, that's just crazy talk. And yes, I'm still a little pissed about this. But I'm thrilled about the Mitchell Report findings!

However, I do like to allow others the chance for rebuttal, so please listen to Carl.

Note: I did not actually read any of the Mitchell Report.


James Hochnadel said...

I was wondering when you'd comment about your boy.

Rae said...

your note in the end is pretty awesome

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