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Monday, March 19, 2007

It's Once Again Time to Dance with the Stars!

The big news in entertainment for today is that tonight is the premiere of the fourth season of Dancing with the Stars. Anyone who knows me knows that I will not be watching this show. The reasons are varied, of course, but ultimately you can narrow it down to the fact that I hate reality shows. I refuse to watch Survivor, American Idol, or any of these other shows. There have been exceptions over the years - most notably when I watched just about the entire season of Joe Millionaire, you know, just to see how much of an idiot the star was. However, that's been just about it.

One of my major objections to DwtS is that it is false advertising. Other than on the show DwtS, where would these people be considered stars? To me, it is very much similar to when that show I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here! came along a few years back and I was barely able to identify any of the "celebrities," let alone identify anything any of them had done in at least the previous five years. People whom most would label as stars are usually busy with work and thus would not appear on one of these programs. But, and I know I'm not the first to discuss this, the presence of Heather Mills on this coming season is bewildering.

First of all, you need go no further than reading the Wikipedia description of Heather Mills on the DwtS Wikipedia page: former model and ex-wife of Paul McCartney. Those are her credentials as a "star?" Wow! Can I get on the show because I'm a former athlete and I met Dick Vitale once? However, as we all know, it is now her standing over her star legitimacy that makes her intriguing. It's the fact that she has a prosthetic leg that makes her intriguing. Now I do think that it would be quite insensitive for one to watch this program just to see whether her leg will stay attached (of course I will not be watching this program at all), but the promotional commercial that ABC has aired in which Mills states that her biggest concern is whether the leg will stay attached gives cover to those who were feeling a bit ashamed about watching for this reason and were wavering. ABC is essentially saying, "Oh come on, watch DwtS! Oh you're a little bit concerned about watching just to see if Heather Mills's leg comes off? Well look, she has no problem with it! Go ahead and watch it!" That's classy.

Well, at the very least, I do hope they play nothing but Beatles music when she dances...

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Kenji said...

hello mister cabral!

i like your page very much, it make me laugh like the tickle of a thousand cherry blossoms. maybe someday you come to my home town of osaka, japan and we have super happy fun time together!

from kenji