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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Am I Fredo?

It occurred to me one day as I was sort of daydreaming while sitting at work that I really should ask a fundamental question of myself. And if you have bothered to read the title of this post, you would know that question to be, am I Fredo? And of course this is in reference to the Godfather character Fredo Corleone. You see, it just dawned on me that I have an older brother, a younger brother, and a sister who is the youngest of us four. And upon just now discovering this, I realized that in the Godfather movies, the Fredo character does so as well. So the question remains; am I Fredo?

The simple answer to this question is no, of course. I cannot possibly be Fredo since as far as I am aware, my father is not now, nor has he ever been involved in the olive oil business. However, I can handle things! I'm smart! Not like everyone says...like dumb...I'm smart and I want respect! Also, as far as I know, my older brother has never found an orphan boy from off the street who has come to stay with us.

I suppose then that I am not Fredo, but perhaps I should not trust my younger brother...

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