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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Utter Outrage

I read this story (or perhaps I should say I read part of the story) and must say that I am utterly outraged. However, I'm having a little bit of difficulty deciding precisely why I'm outraged. I'm outraged! There are obviously two sources of the pure fury that welled up within me upon reading the article and I feel that now is the appropriate time to discuss them.

What has become of our great nation when a man can no longer go out to a bar (or perhaps even sit at home by himself), get David Hasselhoff level plastered, and then climb into the chimney of his ex-girlfriend's residence in an attempt to win back her heart? What indeed has happened? Would the Founding Fathers have approved of such harsh treatment of a man who was simply exercising his rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness through booze and breaking into his ex-girlfriend's home through the chimney? Well, the Founding Fathers are no longer around to answer this question, but it is my belief that these very worthy thinkers would answer this question with a resounding NO! I cry for the state of the nation.

But the questions for the Founding Fathers resulting from this incident have regrettably not all been posed. What has become of this nation when an honest woman cannot defend her property from meddling firefighters wishing to save a drunkard who has climbed into her chimney? What has become of this nation indeed?!?!? It would have been one thing if the firefighters were there to fight a fire, but has it not been said by the great scholars that a woman's home is her castle? What would the Founding Fathers say? What say you George Washington? What say you Ben Franklin? Would this fair American woman have been similarly cited if it were an Englishman or a squirrel similarly invading her home? The Founders would not tolerate such an encroachment on liberty! For was it not Alexander Hamilton who said Give me Liberty or Give me Death?!?!?

And there you have it. I cannot hide my outrage. I am outraged that a drunk decided to climb into his ex-girlfriend's chimney when it seems she did not want him back and got himself stuck in the process. I am similarly outraged that the ex-girlfriend decided to call the fire department or police (who else could have made the call) and then decided to interfere when a rescue was attempted. This nation, I'm afraid, is falling apart...

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