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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Liberation of Sugar Bunny

Just like most rational people out there, I have utter disdain for those who would harm animals. Acts of cruelty against such cute, defenseless critters cannot be tolerated. And for this reason I would like to voice my unconditional support for the brave individual (or individuals) who orchestrated the daring rescue of the rabbit Sugar Bunny from a Spokane, Washington preschool.

The heroes in this story apparently were protesting circus animal acts in rescuing poor Sugar Bunny and I agree that there can be no possible better way to protest using animals in circus acts than to steal, err...rescue a rabbit from the clutches of vile preschoolers. Oh the sort of trauma that Sugar Bunny must have been exposed to while in that class! All that poor grammar! (I'm in pain!) Having to suffer through nap time! (The agony!) The finger painting and the story time! (Oh the humanity!) Take that you evil ringmasters, and you also take that, you dreaded preschooler bunny rabbit owners!

Of course I know not where this valiant savior of mistreated animals will appear next, but my only hope is that the days when goldfish are horribly mistreated in the various parts of this country are numbered.

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