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Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend of Weddings: Part 2

Part 2 in Cabral's Continuous Blog on Weekend of Weddings (with actual blogging being done during the ceremonies). See Part 1 here.

Well, as you might have noticed, I didn't get to do quite as much blogging as I would have hoped during Weekend of Weddings. And I certainly didn't get to do any actual blogging during the ceremonies themselves, which is a good thing because I absolutely hate the words "blog" and "blogging" and hate the fact that I have used them as much as I have up until this point.

However, my narrative about this weekend must be told, and so I plan continue telling of the events of this weekend almost as if they were in real-time. And so this means that I will try to go back to the specific times when the several events happened.

For those of you who have complained that I don't post things frequently enough here, you stop whining now because there will be several posts on this subject.

Note: This post is the official "I just woke up this morning and I'm heading to play golf for the first time ever" post.

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