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Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend of Weddings: Part 5

Part 5 in Cabral's Continuous Blog on Weekend of Weddings (with actual blogging being done during the ceremonies). See Part 4 here.

Where the hell am I? Wait a minute, I'm in a car and I guess that this looks like the hotel where we are staying. But weren't we just playing golf a moment ago? Okay, let me try to piece things together...

I remember buying the beer right before the third hole. Yeah, that was a six pack of Coors Light. The beer was going down smoothly and we were having some fun driving around the golf course. Wait a minute, now I remember running out of beer a lot sooner than I expected and seeing the beer lady sometime after...let's just say it was sometime after the fourth hole. So what else was there to do but buy more beer? Buy a ham sandwich as well.

So I guess it was that second six pack of Coors Light that did the trick. Oh well, I was going to head back up to my hotel room to pass out for a while before the wedding, but Katherine just called me to say that there are a few people out by the pool. Well, let just go on out there and say hello to everyone. This can't possibly turn out to be a bad idea, can it?

Man, that was a really good ham sandwich...I think.

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