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Friday, September 5, 2008

Weekend of Weddings: Part 7

Part 7 in Cabral's Continuous Blog on Weekend of Weddings (with actual blogging being done during the ceremonies). See Part 6 here.

Crap!!!!!! It's 6:20?! It's 6:20 and the wedding starts at 6:30?! Crap - Valerie's going to kill me! Gotta go jump in the shower! (Valerie's going to kill me!) I can't be late, I can't be late! (Valerie's going to kill me!)

Wow, that was one of the fastest showers I've ever taken. Wait a minute, did I use soap? And did I wash my hair? Oh crap, that's right; Valerie is going to kill me!

Okay, what to wear... All of this stuff looks wrinkled, except the suits, of course, but I don't want to wear a suit. Let's see, I'll wear the khakis, and this Hawaiian shirt will probably look good with it, and why don't I throw on the Masters jacket as well. That should make for a splendid ensemble. Okay, I'll throw on my black dress shoes and everything should be perfect. Okay I'm gone.

Crap!!! My hair!!! I didn't have time to do my hair! Okay, I guess I'm going to have to throw on the Harvard fishing hat. Now I'm out the door. (Valerie's going to kill me!)

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