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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Go Buckeyes!

I thought that it might be appropriate to provide some sort of sports commentary this morning. And obviously any sort of sports commentary on this day has to start with the Florida Gators - and how much I am sick of them. To start off, I do not want to diminish their accomplishment last night in any way. To win back to back titles in any team sport is a difficult task, and this Florida team is definitely a special group. (It could be argued that they probably should not have lost all year, and certainly not five times.)

But this misses the point entirely. The Florida Gators are annoying. The chomp-chomping is absurdly irritating. And I believe that after this year long period of good cheer that the Gator fans have experienced, they could stand to experience some humility. (I know that your basketball team has won two consecutive national titles, and that your football team just recently won a mythical national title, but please, calm down.) Let me introduce you to my plan to ensure that this occurs.

First of all, things will probably take care of themselves on the basketball front. Billy Donovan is likely out of there, headed to Kentucky, and it is almost unfathomable to imagine that Horford, Noah, and Brewer will stick around another year. They came back this year to prove something, but I don't believe that coming back next year would prove a thing. Gator basketball fans should savor this win while they can because it appears destined to all crash next season. But I propose that we give it a helping hand to add to the humiliation. And so I propose that all of the top basketball recruits in the country follow Billy Donovan to Kentucky. If Donovan were able to lead Kentucky to a national title, and in the process go down to Gainesville and demolish Florida on their home court. Now I am no Kentucky basketball fan. People who know me well know that I have rooted against Kentucky for years because one of my college roommates was a big Kentucky Wildcat fan, and very little pleased us more in college than seeing him throw fits when Kentucky lost. But I can put aside this history in favor of seeing some much needed humility being brought to the basketball courts in Gainesville.

Football would seem to be a lot less of a concern than basketball since for one thing, there are so many subjective factors that go into winning the mythical national championship. Additionally, since Florida plays in the greatest-college-football-conference-in-the-history-of-the-sport-for-always-and-forever, or the SEC for short, they could easily find themselves with two or three losses and have not a prayer of winning the mythical national title. However, we are seeking ultimate humiliation here, and what could be more humiliating than the Old Ball Coach leading the University of South Carolina Gamecocks to the mythical title, while in the process bringing the Gamecocks into Gainesville to deliver the kind of beatdown to the Gators that once would have made those very same Gators' fans proud? The answer is nothing.

I know all of this is an impossible of dream of sorts, but it is what I want to see happen. And one should never stop dreaming. But I don't want to act as if there was nothing positive to take away from last night's game. The most positive thing that I took away from the game was when they showed a split screen of Florida football coach Urban Meyer and Ohio State football coach Jim Tressel, who were both in attendance at the game. I thought that it was classic how Meyer was laughing it up and having a good time while Tressel had a very concerned look on his face. I love that Jim Tressel face and it is quite refreshing that we had to wait less than three months from January 8 to see it again.

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