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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Supporting Sanjaya

I suppose that I'm commenting a bit late on this issue, but I am 100% behind the idea of Sanjaya winning American Idol. I am clearly no fan of this show. I have never really understood what the appeal is to it. Originally, from what I can remember, the big buzz that caused people to develop interest in the show was the insulting nature of Simon Cowell. And Cowell is certainly quite adept at verbally abusing people. Some may say that Cowell is harsh (and I would tend to agree), but particularly after the first season of this show, no one can have gone on the show and claimed that they did not know what they were getting into. It's kind of analogous to how no one can book Paula Abdul for an interview and them claim that they had no idea that she would appear to be drunk during broadcasts of the interview. But honestly, I really cannot understand why people still tune into this program. The only excuse that I would possibly buy is if you live in a one room apartment, you have a television that is permanently stuck on the Fox network (no remote control available), your television stand is located in a pen of angry, rabid coyotes, preventing you from accessing the power cord, and your electricity bill is paid automatically. You get the picture.

Even though I think that all of the competitors in the show are lacking in talent, I think that things became a good deal worse when America decided last year that this guy was their idol. Do you need me to provide you with a definition for idol? According to definition 3 of idol, it is "any person or thing regarded with blind admiration, adoration, or devotion." Great job America. You love Taylor Hicks. That American Idol produces mediocre musical acts is a problem (don't you think that America does this on its own without this show?), but I've argued for years that perhaps a bigger crime that this show has perpetrated on this country is the introduction of such people as Ryan Seacrest as celebrities (please explain to me what talent that guy has). And then of course we have William Hung. This guy had no talent. Everyone knew this guy had no talent (except maybe Hung himself), yet America allowed him to become some pseudo-celebrity for way too long before people finally said enough. You're a hack, you can't sing, we're not going to buy your album, and we are going to boo you when you come to arenas.

And so now we come back to Sanjaya. I have not watched the show and so I cannot say that he sucks any worse than all of the other competitors. However, the fact that the people who are truly fans of this show are so pissed off about Sanjaya gives me hope. It gives me hope that evidently there are people like me who are out there who are willing to sabotage the results of this program (note: I cannot be actually accused of doing this myself since I cannot envision a scenario in which I would actually cast a vote for this program). And so, I wish you the best of luck Sanjaya. I want you to win so that hopefully this show goes away forever.

UPDATE: Nooooooooo!!!!!

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