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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Misadventures of the Fun Police: South Carolina

You've had it happen to you before, you take a little boy's ice cream cone and run around laughing because you know he can't catch you until some adult comes out and scolds you, telling you to give the boy back his ice cream, or you're having a perfectly good time swatting butterflies with your suit jacket on the roof of the church until your mom scolds you and tells you to come down off of the roof. These are both perfect examples of the Fun Police getting in the way of good natured fun. Allow me to give you a recent example of the Fun Police striking again...

It seems the Fun Police are at it again. This time the Fun Police take the form of the South Carolina Democrats executive council. It seems that yesterday, or perhaps two days ago, the executive council voted to keep Stephen Colbert's name off of the ballot in the upcoming South Carolina Democratic Primary. Now I don't want to accuse the entire South Carolina Democrats executive council of being members of the Fun Police, just the thirteen of the sixteen that voted to keep Colbert off of the ballot. Oh, so he's trying to treat South Carolina Democrats like suckers and he detracts from the serious candidates on the ballot, they claim. Oh will the Fun Police never learn? Your tactics are transparent. You just fear that Colbert may actually get more votes than say, rock man or UFO boy. Oh Fun Police of the South Carolina Democrats executive council, you must ask yourselves this question: do you choose to keep Stephen Colbert off of the ballot because you believe that South Carolina Democrats are suckers? Please Fun Police, you can at least take solace in the fact that evidently Colbert would be trying to treat South Carolina Republicans as suckers too. Well, at least the Republicans are charging him more to make their party members look like suckers...

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